This website is dedicated to my mom Anna Mae. My family and I would like to share our experiences while careing for her as she goes through the various stages of dementia.

Often when my mom is confused, she tends to say silly and outlandish statements. Occasionally, she realizes what she has said and how it makes no sense. She is perplexed to how she could have said something so silly. She then will say, "I am getting goofy in my old age." We will laugh about it and make light of it.

She would then proceed to tell me I need to write a book about all of this. My response will always be if I do, I need to sell it as fictional as no one will ever believe it. Well, I am not writing a book, but I hope this website will do.

We hope that this website may provide an outlet for others to share their experiences in caring for their family or friends with Dementia.